School Partnership Guide

We appreciate our partnerships with schools!

Rooming List Guidelines

Your rooming list is due to the hotel no later than:
  • THE MONDAY PRIOR TO GROUP CHECK-IN for arrivals Thursday or Friday 
  • THE FRIDAY PRIOR TO GROUP CHECK-IN for Monday-Wednesday arrivals
Rooming List Requirements
  • Rooming lists must include the FIRST AND LAST NAME for EVERY ROOM OCCUPANT. This is a safety precaution that we insist must be followed. This allows us peace of mind that we will have a complete and accurate roster in the event of any incident where we must verify the presence of all our guests.
  • Chaperone/Coach Rooms must be CLEARLY INDICATED. 
  • If there is no indication, hotel will have to guess which rooms are intended to be single (King) rooms based on number of names listed. If you require a double room for any reason please make sure that is clearly indicated to avoid confusion at arrival.
  • If any rooms need to be near each other, make note of that as well and we will do our best to arrange the room assignments carefully taking that into consideration.

If you submit a rooming list and then there are changes to your room assignments or which students are traveling – please send us an updated rooming list.
  • Changing all key packets and all records in our room management system is a cumbersome and overwhelming process. The check-in of a school group is a very hectic time.
  • During a busy check-in, there is ample opportunity for mistakes to be made when modifying a rooming list. These modifications are much better handled PRIOR TO GROUP ARRIVAL by a member of our management team, not upon group arrival. So don’t hesitate to submit a modified rooming list EVEN THE MORNING OF ARRIVAL.
We strategically place school groups as follows:
  • If possible, for larger groups, we place females and males on separate floors. If you prefer everyone to be on the same floor, please indicate that on your rooming list.
  • We place Coaches/Chaperones amidst the group as much as possible. (For example, every 3rd room would be a Coach/Chaperone if there are enough coach/chaperone rooms to do so.)
  • We place the Bus Driver away from the rest of the group unless you indicate that the bus driver should be near the group.
Hotel policy regarding self-pay rooms on rooming list:
  • Parents and fans who are listed on the rooming list will be accommodated immediately ONLY if the hotel does not have an existing waiting list for the dates of your stay. Anyone can call in advance and book early just in case and then cancel if necessary. Therefore, we will always first accommodate all parties who called us directly, attempted to make an advance reservation and were placed on the waiting list… and those guests who already have checked in to the hotel and are in need of staying additional nights.
  • Once our waiting list’s needs have been fulfilled, any further rooms will be offered to parents listed on your rooming list without hesitation.
  • Rooms for parents, when available, will be reserved at 15% OFF BAR RATE and WILL NOT under any circumstances receive the same rate that the school receives.
Submit your rooming list: